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Visit our website or pop into our store for the latest events, travel and product news. As frequent destination anglers we will be running hosted trips throughout year. If you would like us to keep you updated on future fishing trips as well as Grangers news please register to receive our newsletter.

23 October 2013

OTI Popping and Jigging Rods

We are proud to announce that Grangers has started stocking Ocean Tackle International popping and jigging rods, mainly the Tuna Sniper Long Cast and Fathom Blade Jigging rods, we have also brought in their Raptor hooks in singles and trebles.

We at Grangers have noticed how difficult it is to buy top quality popping and jigging rods in the UK and over the years the demand for these rods has grown. Through our research and talking to customers that have used these rods, we jumped at the opportunity to stock them and are fully behind the OTI brand.

These rods will handle anything you throw at them, whether fishing for bluefin tuna to large ocean roaming GT’s and casting the biggest of lures, these rods have the power that will not let you down.

Ps, we will also start stocking their poppers and stick baits.

20 June 2013

Grangers is the Mackenzie Brand stockist in London

Grangers is proud to be behind the Mackenzie Brand, and is the stockist in London.

Mackenzie DTX is a brand of the highest quality products first established by Scott Mackenzie, 3 times world Spey casting champion. Scott is an AAPGAI qualified casting instructor and has 22 years experience as a full time ghillie on some of the best salmon rivers in Scotland.

Using his vast knowledge collected throughout the years, Scott created the Mackenzie DTX (Designed Through Experience) products by using this experience to create some of the best, high quality, award winning fly fishing rods and lines available in the world today.

Scott has built up a world class design team around him, consisting of some of the best ghillies and instructors from around the globe, utilising their combined experience and expertise to create the best products.

Mackenzie DTX is now one of the fastest growing fishing tackle companies on the market, and is considered by many as a world leader in new tackle design and development.

For more info in the products click here

14 May 2013

Lamson ARX - Jason's Thoughts

When it comes to choosing salmon reels, there are many different views out there. For myself it’s quite easy, Lamson reels for me are unbeatable.
I’ve used many other reels and always find myself coming back to Lamson, reason being is the low start-up inertia and it stays smooth which you get from their conical drag system, even when tightening up the drag, it’s very gradual. Definitely the smoothest drag on the market.

This year Waterworks Lamson has brought out the new ARX which has been purposefully built for spey casting. At the moment I personally don’t think there’s anything out there that’s as good as this for its purpose and for the price.

The build quality and design on this reel is what you’d expect form Waterworks Lamson, just brilliant. Being a fully caged reel that encapsulates the spool so there’s nowhere for the line to snag, especially when using thin running and mono running lines. The ARX has been carefully milled on the bottom third of the reel to expose an area for palming should the need arise. The drag knob has also been designed to provide optimal grip without exposing a portion of the reel where line can catch, even the handle has been moved in a bit to minimise line snagg and your palm catching it.

Being slightly heavier than most Lamson reels, once you’ve put a line on it, it balances out a salmon rod perfectly. Finished with Waterworks Lamson’s HARD ALOX this reel is also tough and reliable, and can be taken anywhere.

Starting at £420 this is a reel that will be with you for a very long time.

For more info on the reel and sizes click here.

25 April 2013

Syon Park - Evening Rise

My Father and I found the 24 degree temperature at 16:00 too tempting so we hit the outgoing London rush hour traffic hoping to get the possibility of an evening hatch.

After arriving and catching up with the fishery manager Andy Allen we on the water at 17:00. Bright conditions, a slight north westerly and a green tinge of colour to the water I had that funny tummy feeling we were going to catch our tickets.

I decided to go for a Goldhead Daddy which in the first ten minutes proved to be the weapon of choice. The fish were approximately 3ft down and both my father and I stuck to this fly with a slow pull retrieve until 19:30 when everything shifted.

RISES?? No, but they were feeding sub surface creating the illusion of a rise, so time to change tactics, time for GRHE Nymph. Again great success with exciting bow wave follows (GO ON GO ON GO ON) and takes, which as always created a lot of banter between Malcolm and I. This method didn’t last more than 20 minutes and the fish breaking the surface turned in to a full rise with a busting hatch, the lake came alive with fly life and splashes. Because the light was low it was hard to see exactly what hatched so it was time to re-rig our line with 3lb leaders and small Black Gnat sz16 and without the aid of a C&F Fly Threader I doubt we could have threaded a leader through such a small eye. Only had one fish each on the dry but so much fun constantly casting at rising fish and with a low blood red full moon it was a magical evening for us.

We landed four fish each ranging between 1.5-3.5lb but do not be fooled by the size of these fish, we were using #4 and #5 rods and these fish were fighting hard. Of course I lost a bigger fish but that is another story, ahem…

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